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~ eine Ernte, da freut sich selbst der Papst ~ legalisieren statt privatisieren ~

und dafür brauchen wir kein google Earth, sondern einfach die Ausgabe „EINBLICKE“

bei kostenlos bestellen…

Aber ich bin der Meinung, (man(n) Frau auch)

sollte diese muffige Seite mal ordentlich Fluten. Man könnte es auch als eine kleine demokratische Geste sehen, mit der man ein ähnliches Desinteresse auf spezielle Weise an den Tag legt, wie die „VolksverTreaty“ im deutschen Creme dela Torium. Wenn ich das schon lese: Was die Leute über den Reform Vertrag sagen.

..ja welche Leute denn ?!?

Pope Benedict XVI, Ansprache an das Diplomatische Korps akkreditiert bei der Heilige Stuhl, Montag, den 7. Januar 2008

„Endlich, unser Europas institutionellen Krise scheint vorbei zu sein, und wir können beginnen uns wieder zu freuen.“

…Hat der etwa geraucht?

pope of dope – wo soll das nur hinführen

Den kümmerlichen Rest der saying People erspare ich mir lieber… wer allerdings ein dickes Fell hat… dem sei diese Übersetzung gegönnt um beim dicken Fell nicht aus der Übung zu kommen .

What people are saying about the Reform Treaty

About Europe’s Future

„This is a treaty for the future, a treaty that will make Europe more modern, more efficient and more democratic. We need a stronger union, stronger to meet the concerns of the citizens, stronger to promote the economy of Europe, and stronger to defend European values.“

Jose Socrates, Portuguese Prime Minister, at the signing of the Treaty in Lisbon

„I am following attentively the new phase which began with the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon. This step gives a boost to the process of building the ‚European home'“

Pope Benedict XVI, Address to the Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Holy See, Monday, 7 January 2008

„at long last, Europe’s institutional crisis seems to be over and we can start looking forward again.“

Jean Dominique Giuliani, President of the Robert Schuman Foundation, Paris

„The Treaty will not only be essential to the proper functioning of the European institutions but also for the further deepening of the Union…… Europe has reached a stage at which it can influence the equilibrium of world politics and face such 21st century challenges as climate change & the energy crisis.“

Daniel Cohn Bentit , co-President of the Greens/Free European Alliance Group in the European Parliament

„Armed with the Treaty, the EU will be able to face its new global challenges and address the issues which matter most to citizens – such as climate change, energy security, international terrorism, cross-border crime, asylum and immigration.“

Andrew Duff, MEP, United Kingdom

„We now have the tools to allow Europe to work and meet the challenges of the 21st century.“

Joseph Daul MEP, France, EPP-ED Group, European Parliament Debate 23 October, 2007

„Europe is stronger with the new Treaty, (it) boosts the European economy and creates the right conditions for Europe to play its role in the world. Europe needs more efficiency and efficacy. Europe is now stronger and better able to deal with the global challenges it faces.“

José Socrates, Portuguese Prime Minister, European Parliament Debate 23 October, 2007

More Democratic

„The Reform Treaty puts us firmly on track for a more democratic, stronger and more forward-looking European Union to continue its success in the 21st century“

Prof. Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, speaking at the signing of the Treaty in Lisbo

„National parliaments are the greatest winners of this new Treaty.“

Jamie Gama, Portuguese Foreign Minister, now Speaker of the Portuguese Parliament

(The Treaty will make the EU) „more democratic and coherent“

Radoslaw Sikorski, Foreign Minister of Poland

„I have been a Member of the European Parliament since the first direct elections in 1979. In those days, Parliament had no legislative powers; it is now at the heart of a European parliamentary democracy unimaginable in 1979.“

Prof. Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, at the signing of the Treaty in Lisbo.

Helps Europe to Face the Challenges Ahead

„The new European reform Treaty contains the legal base for a common European energy policy. Climate change & energy policy … go hand-in-hand. It is essential that European countries work together if our efforts are to be effective.“

Martin Schulz President of the Socialist Group in European Parliament

Putting Citizens First

„This treaty marks a watershed in the history of European integration. The Treaty of Lisbon puts citizens at the centre of the European project. After six long years of negotiation we can put institutional issues aside and concentrate all our energy on delivering policy achievements for our citizens.“

Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

„This new Treaty is good for European citizens. It will enhance efficiency and give the Union a single voice in external relations. People will have a greater say in European policies through the reinforced powers of their directly-elected representatives in the European Parliament and the enhanced role of National parliaments. The new „Citizens‘ initiative“ will allow a million citizens to ask the Commission to present a proposal. More democracy is fundamental for a Union based on citizens‘ consent.“

Margot Wallstrom, Commission Vice-President

Recognises the boundaries between EU and the Member States

„… the Constitutional Treaty sought to give teeth to subsidiarity by attaching a protocol on it use and by fine-tuning its definition…. the good news is that …. the European Council agreed to include these steps in the new Reform Treaty.“

Statement by the Government of Catalonia, Spain


diesmal nicht wirklich erwähnenswert!

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